What Are the Essential Camping Gear You Need?

Essential Camping Gear For Camping In Canada

Whether you’re backpacking or driving to your camping site, you’re going to need some essential camping gears and supplies. There are plenty of terrific camping sites in Canada, but you won’t enjoy it as much if you go camping without the following:

  • Tents and related accessories. These’ll include the tarps, poles, stakes, and tie-downs. Try to get the 4-season tents as they’re more durable, and they’re better able to help you with the typical Canadian temperatures. Pick a size that suits the number of your party. Go for the light ones if you’re backpacking to your camping site
  • Sleeping bags. You need to factor in the right size, weight, and whether it’s suitable for the temperature.

  • Lanterns and flashlights. It’s going to be dark when the sun sets, so you need light. A flashlight is always essential, but this should be a backup to a nice lantern that can let you see around the camp and in the tent. Make sure you have the batteries!
  • Water. You should bring as much water as you can, especially if you’re not sure if the camping site has fresh water. You may also want to bring a water filtration system or water treatment tablets.
  • Food. Just in case you get hungry and there aren’t any available food supplies around.
  • Paper maps. You can’t be sure if you’ll have cellphone service, so paper maps are best.
  • First aid kit. It is best if you’re prepared for any medical emergency, at least until you can call for emergency services.

Of course, you can bring in lots more stuff like games and playing cards. But if you’re going camping, the items on this list are absolutely mandatory.