Outdoor Survival Tips

Forbid that anything bad ever happens on an outdoor journey. But, dealing with the outdoors via hunting and camping, exposes us unpredicatable risks. It’s best to be prepared mentally at the least for the worst case scenario.

Here are some outdoor survival tips that you should know:

Survival Water

Outdoor survival is a constant state of being prepared. Outdoor survival will not happen by accident you must plan and prepare. The best way to do this is to have a list of your daily needs where to get them and how to replenish them. Where ever you chose to be or live will have to have what you need fresh water being the biggest factor. Water is the first necessity for health. The position you chose must be defence-able and safe to live in. Mostly out door survival comes down to basics keeping fed warm and safe. This means having water food and warm sleeping cover. Clean water should be the first and big concern because all the food and warm is no good if you have no safe water source. It can be argued many ways how to prioritise different situations but it comes down to fitting the solution to your immediate needs.

Survival Plan

I think in a situation where Tshtf you want to b e part of a like minded group of people. Even with the best of weapons the job of security for yourself in troubled times will take its toll. Plan on being in and with a large group will give a far better chance of survival because we are social and need that to keep our sanity. It also makes getting food and water and basic survival possible with the daily chores divided up. Having any kind of a survival kit will be better than nothing.