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Their is a Seirra reloading manual for all guns I have ever used I think and looking at the amount they have out they are keeping up to the times. I have at least one of their reloading data manuals and I am using it as a reference a lot of times.

Just the other day I was using a photo of one of the new Sierra match grade bullets on my new web site here:   This is a good looking round and deathly accurate you can bet match grade bullets have to  perform in a  lot of tests with a large variety of calibers to be graded this high. Just gathering the data for one Seirra Match grade round would fill a book well almost.
Some of the Sierra reloading data manuals I found:

New Sierra 5th Edition Manual/INFINITY V6 CD High Quality Wonderful Design Beautiful Exceptional
New Sierra Reloading Video VHS Program In-depth Introduction Presentation Safety Component Equipment
New Sierra Reloading Video VHS Video Demonstrates Important Safety Equipment Testing Aspects Popular
Sierra 5th Edition Rifle & Handgun Reloading Manual Md: 0500 .

I know I would like to try out one in the seven mil mag I have that is my kind of fun.

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12 Responses to “Sierra Reloading Data Online”

  1. Dennis L Mickey says:

    I am looking for loading data for the 6mm/250 cartridge. This is for the original cartridge which is the .250 Savage cartridge necked down to hold a 6mm bullet with no other changes. It is not the 6mm International!!

  2. Mark Burton says:

    I purchased 3 boxes of Sierra Gameking bullets that I would like to use in my Ruger M77 300 Win Mag. They are: 165gr sbt, 180gr sbt, and 200gr sbt.
    What would be the recommended powder and load for each bullet?
    Thank you.

  3. George Miller says:

    7mm Rem Magnum
    I need reloading data for:
    IMR 4350; Re 15; Re 22 powder.
    Sierra 168gr Match King HP
    Sierra 140gr Spire Point

    Thank you

  4. the sierra reloading manual shows the powder to use for reloading the 220 grain bullet to be untilzed in the 300 remmington ultra mag for best hunting load as AA8700. i have been to several stores, to include local reloading stores and the chains, bass pro, cabelas and gander mountain. i can’t find anyone that knows anything about the AA8700 powder. is this a misprint or discontinued powder? your help in finding where to purchase this powder or if a misprint, the correct powder for hunting with this load. thank you very much.

  5. AA8700 powder. the sierra reloading manual shows this powder is the most accurate hunting load for the 300 remmington ulta mag rifle. i have been to many local stores and several chain stores (bass pro, cabela’s, dicks and gander mountain) and no one has ever heard of AA8700 powder. please let me know where i can purchase this powder or if a misprint, please let me know the correct powder to use. thanks, pete.

  6. I am loading for a mod. 70 .243 Win. using Federal brass,win.large rifle primer,100 gr.Sierra Game king btsp,H4350 working up to 40 grains. Why is there no data for H4350 with 100gr. .243 Game King?

  7. Joe Talan says:

    I am utilizing a Sierra 140 Gr. SBT. Caliber 270 WSM. Is there a preferred powder to use and how much should be used?
    I wanted to utilize VARGET Powder, any thoughts????

  8. Bruce says:

    Hi Joe I am not familiar with that powder. The 270 is very accurate and it is a lot of power for deer. Most times I buy the manual for the bullet and try what it suggests first. I know it is hard to get lead here so at times guys have to make do with what ever.
    Here is a better idea than asking me go to this forum and pose the question.
    Most of these guys are in or from US and would know what your options are for your area.
    If you are from Canada try any of the local hunting forums. Just google hunting or shooting forums.

  9. Art Tycer says:

    I am trying to find load data for Sierra 65 gr SBT
    using Alliant AR Comp powder. Where can I find the data.

  10. Bruce says:

    Hi Art I just googled the powder and came up with this website on that powder:
    If you go to the site and enter your Rifle it should give you the answers.

  11. Art Tycer says:

    I am trying to find some load data for a Sierra 65gr
    SBT with Alliant AR comp. Have not found anything anywhere.

  12. Art Tycer says:

    I have looked on the Alliant powder pages. But they show nothing but heavy bullets. I want to shoot this bullet in my AR

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