Meat Game Style

Meat Game Style

Meat game in most instances is meat from animals that are free range.  These animals roam from the property of one land owner to the next, foraging for food.  Meat game can consist of different types of fowl to the four-legged type of animal.

Meat Game Style

White tail Buck

Anything that runs wild and doesn’t have to be taken care of by a human is wild game.  That doesn’t mean we want to eat all of them, but they are there if we do.  One example is squirrel meat game.  Some people love to eat squirrel, but others consider it beneath them to eat something that looks more like a rodent.

There are certain seasons of the year that make it legal for licensed hunters to shoot and kill free range animals, and that my friend is our favorite time of the year.  Hunting Season!

Hunting season brings with it outdoor mania, with guns, knives, and even the quiet bow and arrow. It is the time of year people can get food for their families and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.  Meat game always taste better than store bought, because you brought it to the table yourself!

Bull Elk

Other Ways to Get Meat Game


There are some places that kill and process meat game to sell.  They kill, process, and offer it up in a retail outlet.  Some people want the meat game, but prefer to know where it was raised and what it was fed.  They also don’t like to hunt in most cases.

There are also places where you can pay a fee to go and hunt game.  These places are usually stocked with elk, deer, antelope, hogs, turkeys, and other normally free range animals.  You pay a fee for what you want to kill and are allowed to kill only that animal.

Many people prefer hunting, but like knowing the animals are fenced in and can’t go far.  Others feel this takes some of the sport out of hunting meat game, but, everyone has an opinion on that.

Wild Boar

Meat Game is Not Inspected

Unlike meat you buy at the grocery store, meat game is not inspected by the government.  The Department of Agriculture is not required to, so they don’t.  In the States, meat can be inspected by a state agency if you want to legally sell the meat.

This means it is very important to know if the meat is inspected if you purchase from a place that sells it retail.  The safest route


you can take is to hunt and process your own meat.  That way you know exactly how the raw meat was handled, and how clean the processing area was.

The next time you think about filling your freezer with meat, think about getting some meat game.  You will be happy you did!












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