How To Set A Deer Trap Deer Hunting

How To Set A Deer Trap  and Get Your Big Buck


How to set a deer trap

 How To Set A Deer TrapThe trick here is to get to the ridge between the deer and the thicket with out being noticed. Then zig- zag a walk along the ridge moving as a deer walks. You walk just a few paces and stop and listen like three steps, stop, two steps and stop just a random walk moving very slow. Then get down low to the ground now and then to look along the ground.  Most times you will see the deers lower legs through the trees first.It does not really matter if they smell you or hear you, if you do this right they will know you are there and hear you but they will still try and go around you using the cover of the ridge. The reason for this is the deer will want to get to the thick woods for cover they do not like to run away from their safe spot.It will usually take a good hunter a few try’s to get this trick working but when you know where the deer are and what they need do not ever doubt your chance of getting the animal in your sites. One of the biggest mistakes most hunters make is thinking deer run away and you will never find them.The best time to scout the ridge is in the afternoon when the deer are bedded. You will see there trails and rubs, check to be sure they are using this place. Create a plan to get between the deer and the thicket. Find your shooting lanes while you are scouting.  Deer will circle around you to get to the thick cover. They will use the terrain to do this trying to get the ridge between you and the deer. What I have done is as soon as I get the deer moving move back down the ridge and set up to catch them entering the thicket.  When the land has these four settings the deer need it can be done. I have found them 100 % of the time.The best way to find these areas is to drive along a creek or river until the areas come into view. If you can learn to trap a deer you will never have a bad deer season again.When you learn this you will need a very good hunting and skinning knife. Would it not be more fun to go back to camp with out driving for miles wasting gas after gutting your deer and have a beer.  Would this not be more fun when you can celebrate success and put life in your hunting. Just think you get to mount a set of horns more often life does not get any better. I can  also show you how to set up the best hunting camp ever.  How To Set A Deer TrapThe Best You Can Get

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    Well, you’d have to start with a REALLY high fence, if you are thinking of a pen style trap. I watched a split spike clear a 5 foot fence with brush on top of it the other day with a leap from an almost standing still position.
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