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Hornady Reloading

Hornady Reloading hi I am a reloader from northwestern Canada and I have used Hornady reloading products for reloading bullets for many years. The Hornady one shot spray for shell case lube saves me hours of greasing  and cleaning reloading brass.I have also used the case spray for a

Hornady reloading

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water resistant protection for my guns during hunting trips. The one shot worked perfect and with the wax base the product lasted very well.

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Hornady Reloading

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I have also been reading up on Hornady reloading and they have a product I have been waiting for. It is a bullet seating tool that gets it right. This is one of the critical measurements for accuracy in reloading and has been a battle to get right for a long time. For max accuracy you need consistent bullet position relative to the start of the barrel’s rifling. You can set this by trial and error, but it is much easier (and more repeatable) to use the Hornady O.A.L. Gauge to measure case length with the bullet ogive just touching the lands. When combined with a Bullet Comparator (with caliber-specific insert), you can also very quickly measure case base to ogive for any loaded round.

This is a great find and I have been watching for a long time to find such a product and it is no surprise it is made by Hornady, they have been on the cutting edge for many great improvements in reloading. For precision reloading this measure tool is a must. I have spent hours trying to smoke bullets and chamber and check rounds just to get the distance perfect. What you need is an exact measurement from the base of the brass to where the lead first touches the lands of the rifling. You can try different settings for best accuracy in your rounds, but I have found right to within a few thousands of a inch works best. This is the name of the product and you can Google up the reviews by typing it to Google and just write review after it. This is what I did and all the reviews were great or five stars.

Hornady Reloading

Hornady LNL OAL Gauge and Bullet Comparator

Hornady reloading

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I have been reading the seventh edition of the Hornady reloading manual that is out and getting great reviews. I have heard from the guys shooting the older ww2 army rifles say they were more than happy about finding all the new stuff on their calibers. They are also hoping the other reloading manuals will follow suit. I think they are anxious to get reloading bullets . This is an excerpt from a happy Hornady reloading customer;

I started reloading just over 2 years ago and decided to go with this Hornady press instead of the Dillon 550B that I was also considering (and that my neighbor ended up buying). Originally, I was just loading 9mm in order to save money, but the reloading has become almost as fun a hobby as the shooting has:).
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There is so much to say about this press, both good as well as things to be careful for, that I’m going to break this review into sections and try to keep brief. Before getting into the details, let me just say this press was a great investment. Overall, it works great, is easy to use, and is backed up by the best customer support I’ve ever worked with. I’ve loaded well over 10,000 rounds on it at this point and couldn’t be happier.

*** Customer Support ***
When I was starting out, I ended up breaking parts on the press two different times. On both occasions, I called Hornady Reloading tech support and talked immediately with someone who knew exactly what I was talking about. They didn’t care that the breakages had been my fault and just stuck the replacement part in an envelope which I had in hand a couple of days later. The first time, when I broke an auto-indexing pawl, the support person actually threw a couple of extras in the envelope for me just in case it happened again (which it hasn’t).

In both cases, I had felt some unusual tension when pulling the handle; but I thought it was just a hard-to-resize shell. This machine has a lot of torque, so when things bind up it is easy to break something – now that doesn’t happen anymore since I always stop and examine the machine when I feel anything unusual.
Reloadin Bullets
I know that Dillon also has a reputation for great customer service, but it is hard to imagine that it could be any better than Hornady’s – this is an area where there just aren’t enough stars available.Check here for more Great Hornady Reloading Information Hornady Reloading

Hornady Reloading

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Hornady reloading

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