Four Season Tents For Gentle Summer Camping

Four Season Tents

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four season tents

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There is no need to get four season tents for gentle summer camping. Even if there is a heavy downpour, the use of sleeping pads combined with adequate planning should keep everything fairly dry. The important thing is to not camp at the bottom of a hill, to make sure the rain fly is secure, and to take advantage of natural cover.

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But, a four season tent can be a nice thing to have for extreme conditions, and if you have the money to spend on one, it is a luxury that can really improve your camping experience. The next best luxury is a portable camp table.

Basically, the difference between four season tents and regular tents is that a four season tent is tighter, with heavier outer walls. When it is all zipped up, there is no space anywhere for the elements to get in. For more information on four season tents click here.

In addition, 4 season tents are often stabler so that they can resist extremely heavy storms if need be. This does not mean, however, that you cannot use 4 season tents in nicer weather. Many styles of 4 season tents come with the ability to unzip the outer fly so that you can keep cool on summer days, while still braving near-arctic temperatures in the winter.

Four Season Tents For Gentle Summer Camping


four season tents

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