Family Camping

The best tips for family camping is to have a list made by all the family members. What kind of list would have to include what they each think they would need to enjoy themselves while in the out doors.

family camping

Family camping

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Family Camping

I think that family camping is quite enjoyable most times but it has to be taken into consideration that not all people like spending time in the outdoors. If one child is not going to like it much you should get them to bring a book or a set of binoculars to or some way they see fit to pass the time out there.

Most times the child will find what they like to do by themselves in most cases they will see the enjoyment others are having and join in.

What seems to work best is to give them the chance to find their way to spend the time, in this way it is there idea. A lot of times it can be baseball or an activity that is not just fishing or hiking. Some camping spots are better suited for  family camping than others it pays to check this out first to make sure you have the options you want. I found setting up for family camping hard to do because everyone has to like it or have there own way to find enjoyment. When I started to learn to do some of the the cooking, and plan the meals or at least help with this part of family camping everything started to work way better. I also found with a better kitchen set up Like  camp kitchen or just a portable camp table family camping is way more easy to enjoy for all involved.I have seen some of the new camp-fire cooking grills they are inexpencive and work excellent.Family camping

Here are some basic ones….I can do more later.
Banana BoatsKeeping the pee on the banana, slice length-wise but not all the way through.  Stuff with marshmallows and chocolate chips (or broken pieces of chocolate bars).  Wrap in tin foil and roast on the fire until melted.

Camp Fire Apples

Core apples, then fill them with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins.  Wrap in tin foil and bake on the camp fire.

Family Camping


Family Camping

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Roast a marshmallow, then place onto a graham wafer with chocolate chips – cover with another graham wafer and let chips melt a bit before eating.


Roasted Corn on the Cob

Peel corn husk down just enough to get the corn silk off, then rewrap and soak corn in water for 5 minutes.  Wrap in tin foil (with the dampened husks on) and cook on the coals of the camp fire until done, unwrap from foil and take the husks off.

Family Camping

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Family camping

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Tin Foil Potatoes

In double layer of tin foil, place cubed potatoes and onions with some butter, salt and pepper.  Wrap securely and roast on the camp fire coals, turning as needed. 


Family Camping

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  1. Michael Belk says:

    I would love to go on a family camping trip although I need some luxuries like electricity. :)
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  2. Monica says:

    Camping is a wonderful activity enjoyed by millions of families each year. For many, camping is a family pastime. Some peoples’ earliest childhood memories involve family camping trips and many still remember the excitement of catching their first fish or the thrill of touching a frog. Many who didn’t experience camping are now trying to pass along what they missed to their kids.
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