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Deer Hunting Knives

Deer hunting knives are the most useful when you buy the better quality hunting knives. I have been using  a good set of buck hunting knives for many years. I  now up graded to the new line of Fallkniven hunting knives. I find them better built, and better steel and I am hoping to get them to last better than the Buck knifes.  I also found a good looking Puma skinning knife I may want to recommend or buy for a grand son.

Finding good deer hunting knives and skinning knives has been a real challenge online mostly people buy survival knives it seems. When this happens the hunting knives get advertised a lot less. The Fallkniven knives have the super strong knife you can just pound through most bone with out breaking the knife it is also a different to sharpen.Deer hunting knives

Damascus Steel Hunting Knife after reading up on this steel it can make a great hunting knife. What my thoughts are on the Damascus steel skinning knife is, for the price charged on Amazon it’s a real deal. What I would watch for is, if the knife is just an cheap imitation, or a quality blade. From what I read on the reviews some of the knives are looking like a good deal even if the steel is just the VG-10 stainless.

Deer hunting knives, hi I have been hunting moose and deer in British Columbia for most of my 57 years and most years have skinned and butchered animals. I have been doing articles on hunting knives.  I am having a hard time finding good products to write about . This Falkniven knife looks like the real thing it would work great for field dressing moose because of the size and length of the blade. The Fallkniven Hunting Knives are top grade steel and designed to work as a survival knife better than most knives are.

What I found is you need a blade that is long enough to gut big game and still be a skinning knife. The other problem I run into is the kids borrow the knife then I never know what it is doing. Although this does not happen all that often because I have my hunting stuff separated from all else. It is just to easy to wreak the edge of a good skinning knife.

I also have a smaller skinning knife I use just for deer hunting it stays very sharp deer hunting knives do not need quite as long or strong a blade. The reason is you need a blade strong enough to split the brisket of the animal you are butchering. Most times I use a small meat saw usually the one on my Leatherman but I really want to get one that has the tee handle and is just made for this it is light and would be a belt tool that would go anywhere hunting and be just for this purpose.

Deer hunting knives

The Forest Knife is probably the best hunting and fishing knife ever made. Its sturdy blade made of the new extremely strong stainless laminate VG10 custom steel is convex grounded for extra strong cutting power with no risk for edge breakage. The modified clippoint design works well for penetrating purposes, the long curved edge is ideal for skinning. The blade is long enough for lighter chopping and won´t break, it´s full 5 mm (0.2″) thick!
deer hunting knives
Deer hunting knives the Puma skinning knife has a lot going for it.  This knife although it is not as strong as some  it has a lot of stile and good quality steel in the blade. This is how it is described to me:

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“The main reason why I’m commenting on this knife is in response to several reviews dismissing the workmanship of this knife. Because they are hand made, no two knives are exactly alike. The slightly protruding rivets don’t bother me (that’s probably a matter of personal preference anyway), and to me they are less obstructive than described in other reviews. With a hand made knife like this, a few rough edges on the handle are probably common.

If you are looking for your standard assembly-line produced, polished and fake stag handle, run of the mill knife, this isn’t it. If you want a survival knife to cut down trees, this isn’t it either (just go buy a survival saw). It’s a well crafted hunting knife designed for dressing and skinning animals- and in my experience, it serves that purpose beyond expectations. I look forward to passing these Deer hunting knives down to my kids, as I’m sure it will last forever. ” You can check out the Puma Knife store on this site at PUMA HUNTING KNIVES

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