Camping Vehicle Pre-trip Inspection

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I think the best way to be prepared is with starting from the basics.  When getting your truck, motorhome, van or just your car ready to head out on a camping trip or any trip I would advise this list of things to check. Just click the photo to get the product at the best price.

If you check your book that comes with your vehicle it may also have a list and more complete one than me.

I would start with having all the fluid levels checked.

Camping vehicle Pre-trip Inspection

  • Battery, this may not be an option in newer vehicles.
  • Radiator coolant levels
  • Transmission fluid levels
  • Front and rear end gear oil                        click here
  • Tire pressures
  • Windshield washer fluid level

The other stuff you should look at taking is a 12 volt tire pump, and a repair plug kit. I think it should also include spare fuel if needed and boat gas if you are taking a boat, mixed gas if called for.

Camping vehicle Pre-trip Inspection

It would be a good time to check the ware on your tires as well if you are going into rough country. It has saved me many times having a gallon of water to cool the radiator if necessary. Just to pore on the radiator not in it if the motor is boiling over. You can wreak your engine putting cold water in the radiator when it is too hot. Always give it a half hour to cool first and when putting the water on the front of the radiator, have the motor running.

It is also a good time to check your belts and hoses; it is a lot cheaper to fix them before you have to be towed back to a service station.


I have used the car tire plug kits to fix up many tires and . You pay a few bucks for a good set up then you are everybody’s hero. The plugs do not leak afterwords and out last most tires ask at your local tire shop they have them there also. If you are going into rough country it is best to have a tow rope set up and a jackal this set up can save you a long walk.

Your trailer

It is also very good idea to check to make sure your trailer tires and all parts are up for the trip. I like to keep in mind the last time I had the bearings packed with grease. This does not have to be done all that often. It is also something not to be forgotten for too long. Most long trips in the heat of the summer you will see a trailer on the side of the road with the wheel off.

When it comes to not worrying about your trailer bearings for a few years check up on Bearing Buddys they have taken the situation and crushed it.

Make sure you have checked the trailer water level and sewer system. It is also time to check your trailer power source to make sure it has all its needs taken care of.

The Chainsaw winch can be your best friend if you find a mud whole to big for your truck.Camping vehicle winch 


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