Camping Menu What’s Up With The Camping Menu Today?

What’s Up With The Camping Menu Today?


Camping Menu today is certainly not the same as camping years ago.  People didn’t worry about having a camper, let alone a tent.  They slept under the stars on cots or in sleeping bags, and hung tarps between the trees for a little privacy.  Ah…the good old days!  And what’s up with the camping menu nowadays. Camping Menu Doesn’t anyone know how to eat more than hotdogs, hamburgers, or sandwiches around the campfire?

Most people that camp today have an RV of some kind or at least a tent yet they still lack some creativity when it comes to the camping menu.  Below are some ideas to help make your camping menu a lot better.

Camping Menu

  • Melons – Prepare watermelon and cantaloupe ahead of time and carry ready to eat in zip lock baggies.  Eating fresh melon, after playing in the water, not only taste good it hydrates you.
  • Just add water – There are many foods available that are perfect for the camping menu such as instant oatmeal, pancake mix, instant potatoes, pasta, and other foods that you just add water to.  Also anything like rice that comes in “boil in a bag” type packaging is great for camping.
  • Snacks – All the snacks on your camping trip don’t have to be chips and dips, but rather healthy snacks such as beef jerky, nuts, pretzels, etc.
  • Meats – Just about any type of meat can be cooked on a grill or in a fire pit, so get creative with your camping menu.  If you don’t want to prepare the meat at the campsite you can cook all the meats at home and bring stored in a cooler.   If your family likes meatloaf it is a great main course for a meal and the leftovers make great sandwiches.  You can do the same with roast beef and chicken.

The most important thing about your camping menu is to have fun with it and cook things that don’t take all your vacation time getting it prepared.  Get creative and either prepare as much ahead of time as possible or select a camping menu that will take very little time to prepare.

Try spending some of your time outside the RV and just enjoy nature.  Just because you have a stove in the RV doesn’t mean you can’t get a great campfire going and roast some of those big fluffy marshmallows or make s’mores.

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