Camping Food Ideas

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Camping is a great way for families to have fun together, and it has activities that every age will love.  It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping under the stars, or snugly nuzzled in a 30 foot camper, you are there to have some fun and great food.

Camping Food ideas

Most people think of the traditional camp-fire foods, such as hotdogs and hamburgers.  However, camping food ideas are easier to create than you might think.  To begin with you should take into consideration what your family’s favourite meals are, and see which ones could easily be done while camping.

For example, pasta is loved by almost everyone, especially children.  Pasta is dry, easy to carry, and only takes boiling water to cook.  There are jars or various sauces at the grocery store that would be easy to heat up as well.  Add your favourite meat, and heat up some bread, and you have come up with one of the best camping food ideas around!

Camping Food Ideas

Determining what types of food you can cook outdoors will depend on your cooking set up.  Here are three ways you can cook:

  1. Coleman stove
  2. Campfire Cooking
  3. RV/Camper stove cooking

Cooking on a Coleman stove is like cooking on a gas burner at home and easy to do.  RV cooking is usually the same as most campers use propane.  However, the campfire cooking takes a little more practice, and you need some form of rack to place you cooking pots on. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Just line up some large rocks around the fire and rest the rack on them for support.

Camping food ideas

Some people today love the challenge of seeing what camping food ideas they can cook on a campfire setup.  Avid campers have been known to cook biscuits, fried potatoes, and steaks!  What great camping food ideas can you come up with?

When creating your camping food ideas don’t forget finger foods and fruit.  There is something about being outdoors that makes everyone feel like they are starving.  Maybe it’s the fresh air, or just being away form the stress of everyday life.  Keeping grapes, bananas, pretzels, and other healthy snacks around will keep everyone’s energy level up until time for the next meal.

No Stove – No Fire – No Problem!

If you don’t want to build a fire, or can’t, and have no propane stove, you can still eat.  Cold meals such as sandwiches are great, but hot meals are what most people crave.  So how can you have a hot meal with no fire?

Camping food ideas

There is a product out on the market today called the “self heating meal”.  These meals are used for emergency storage meals, camping, and in some dorm rooms.  Here is how they work.

The box comes with a pouch of the freeze dried food, salt and pepper, plastic ware, and a pouch of water.  When you are ready to eat the meal you pour the contents of the water into the larger pouch with the food.  Seal the larger pouch and place back into the box.  This box is a virtual oven because once the water is added, it activates a packet of unoxidised sodium.  This generates a lot of heat and smoke, so don’t do this indoors.  The process heats you up a very nice meal, and without any fire.


You probably would enjoy creating your own camping food ideas more, but if you are going to be camping for a couple of weeks or more, it would be a good idea to take along some of these meals as backups.

Camping food ideas

Good camping food ideas just take a little planning, and smart planning yields some yummy meals.  Try to think of meals that will do double duty, so to speak.  For example, if you fry chicken one meal, use the leftover chicken to make chicken salad sandwiches the next day.  Or, if you boil pasta for macaroni and beef, boil extra and make a cold pasta salad to go with those chicken salad sandwiches.



You may not want to spend you camping time cooking, and if you don’t, then spend time coming up with camping food ideas that take less time and work.  Just remember that hotdogs and sandwiches get old if you camp for any length of time.  It is easy to cook at least one great meal a day and eat leftovers or sandwiches the rest of the time.


It’s all a matter of planning before you take that camping trip.  If you do, you will have camping food ideas that will make others campers begging for a taste!

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