Burris Rifle Scope

Burris Rifle Scope

Burris rifle scope my first experience with the Burris line of scopes was a friend who read up on them and he was checking off the good points of the Signature series of  Burris Rifle Scope what he liked on his was the click stops were very precise and the optics were comparable or above most scopes.  My friend also owned a Leupold Rifle Scope he was very proud of I my self was of the opinion that Leupold was going to be hard to beat.  He said most company’s had a pretty good line if you went with their best.

Burris Rifle Scope

The Signature line of Burris Rifle Scopes was a good line and had a adjustable setting for external use for ranging your shots we thought it would bee great for moose at long range .  I had actually ordered one and waited for ever for it to come in .  It was ordered from a private gun shop in a small town a few hours away.  The owner was a truck driver by trade and did imports for gun stuff as a side line because he knew about reloading bullets and gun repairs.  I do not remember what happened but the scope never came in or he never got back to me because I never wound up with the scope and heard that a friend of a friend wound up getting the scope because the guy who ordered it never picked it up. I was sure that was the scope because there were not to many people ordering them back then and it was exactly what I had wanted.

Burris Rifle Scope

My friend had his Burris Rifle Scope mounted on his three hundred Winchester Mag it was the one with the system for setting the barrel whip for accuracy I forget what it is called but the friend had that working for him and he used a computer program for long range shooting and getting precision reloading.  He had it all worked out and used a range finder and shot a big bull moose at six hundred and seventy five yards.

Burris rifle Scope

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I was really impressed and told him so I did bug him about taking two shots though he laughed and admitted it was his fault because he did not believe his rangefinder when he first checked it.  I sort of agreed with him on that it is hard to range an animal in a scope at close range never mind way out there.  My longest kill shot is still just over five hundred yards but I do not mind that for a guy who is not a good shot and just does his practice and precision reloading I feel that is really good.  I still wonder what or if I could have done a lot better if I had got the Burris Rifle ScopeI had wanted .

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